Innerwear Division
Audrey has a wide range of products including brassieres, panties, corsets, girdles, camisoles, bodysuits, crop tops, boxer shorts and sleepwear lingeries. It is well-known for its distinctive for original styling, choice of materials and increasingly imaginative colour range.

Discover Audrey. You’ll Discover Yourself.

Intimate reflections of unique personalities. 
Desirable designs of quality, uncompromised. 
Lingerie designed for fit, comfort and style.
Perfect fit that uplift every woman’s life is the brand’s primarily philosophy. We are passionate and committed in developing superior cuts with exquisite fabrication that offer every woman the perfect silhouette under any outfits.
Kawaii provides a large collection of lingerie targeted towards the bolder ladies. We are passionate about making women feel celestial. We have selected extensive range of products, which is comfortable, romantic and sensual.

Our Primary objective is to provide lingerie product with variety of styles which can be presented to a friend, a loved one or as a treat for yourself.
We love to make people feel good about themselves! After all, self-confidence is the sexiest thing a person can wear. Whether it's you or your love who is slipping into that "something more comfortable," Lilian Lingerie promises to provide a great selection of products for an even better you.

Our products emphasizes on comfort and a wonderful attention to detail at an affordable value.